Sheryl Crow Revealing She Saw 'Strange Things' as Michael Jackson's Backing Singer Has Twitter on Fire

Sheryl Crow sparked a huge debate on social media on Monday after mentioning that she saw "strange things" in her time as Michael Jackson's back-up singer. Crow mentioned her experiences in a new interview with The Telegraph, saying that she "had a lot of questions" about Jackson's behavior at the time. For some social media users, this makes her complicit in the alleged crimes.

“I haven't seen the documentary, and I don't want to see it," Crow said, referencing Leaving Neverland, the documentary about two of Michael Jackson's sexual assault accusers. “I was around for some things that I thought were really strange and I had a lot of questions about."

Crow was a back-up singer on Jackson's Bad Tour, from 1987 to 1989 -- the same time that accuser and documentary star James Safechuck was travelling with the singer. As news of her anecdotes spread, many people took to Twitter questioning why Crow did not raise more of an issue at the time of the alleged abuse.

"This explains everything about [Sheryl Crow] people," one person tweeted. "Mr. Pig Weinstein ladies and gentleman. Why I'm not surprised."

"Yes, we know that [Sheryl Crow] is in someone's pocket. She still has to explain if she's lying (which she is) or an accessory in an alleged crime, since through the years she never reported anything to the police and never said a word," added another.

On the other side of the issue were many users defending Jackson. They, too, were angry at Crow, feeling that she was throwing her word in with Jackson's accusers simply to drum up publicity for her upcoming work.

"Stop trying to get yourself headlines by dissing the Dead Michael Jackson," one person wrote to Crow. "You made plenty of money off him while you were a backing singer. Funny how you never mentioned your unease about him then!! Pathetic!"

"She never saw anything strange, she's just trying to be relevant and [Sheryl Crow] isn't relevant anymore," added another.


In her most recent interviews, Crow actually discussed the pressure not to speak up in instances of sexual harassment, and her regret that she succumbed to it.

“I’ve been through some really painful experiences and sexual harassment, so I have been through it," she told The Guardian. "But I’ve never had any apologies and I will say that karma is a mean mamma – and that she seems to get even."