Whoopi Goldberg Confirms 'Sister Act 3' Is Happening

Whoopi Goldberg has confirmed that Sister Act 3 is officially happening, more than 25 years after the original film and sequel were released. Goldberg shared the big news during a Tuesday appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. She explained that this has long been in the works and that they are currently working on how to make it happen.

"For a long time, they kept saying no one wanted to see it. And then quite recently, it turns out, that that may not be true. People may want to see it," The View co-host revealed. "So we're working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back." She went on to add, "It's fun and it feels good. And you know, nobody's mad. It's just, listen — bad singing, great singing, okay singing and then nuns. What's better than that?"

The original Sister Act was released in 1992 and starred Goldberg as a nightclub singer who has to be put into witness protection after witnessing a murder. The authorities place her in the Saint Katherine's Convent, where she opens the sisters up to new ways of performing hymns, and they teach her to be more trusting of people. Written by Paul Rudnick and directed by Emile Ardolino, the film was a massive success, earning over $230 million on a budget of $31 million.

In 1993, a sequel was released, titled Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. This time, Goldberg's character was brought in to help a whip a Catholic school chorus group into shape. That film was written by James Orr, Jim Cruickshank and Judi Ann Mason, and directed by Bill Duke. While it was not quite the hit that Sister Act was — earning only $57 million on a budget of $38 million — it became somewhat of a cult classic among fans.

Finally, in 2006, a musical adaptation of Sister Act debuted in Pasadena, California, and then went on to play at the London Palladium in 2009. It has also made its way to Broadway and other stages around the world. Music for the show was done by Alan Menken, with lyrics by Glenn Slater. The show book was put together by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner, and additional book material by Douglas Carter Beane.