'Wayne's World' Director Penelope Spheeris Addresses Possibility of 'Wayne's World 3' (Exclusive)

Kicking off a comedy renaissance with its hilarious phrases, iconic characters and unique humor rarely seen today, Wayne's World has become one of our all-time greatest gifts to the contribution of film. Starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey and born from '90s sketches on Saturday Night Live, the absurdist comedy is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with the limited-edition Steelbook re-release from Paramount Home Entertainment. While the film has been cemented in popular culture and become a beacon among criterion enthusiasts of the film's style, it's no secret we're in a revival resurgence that begs the question, could we very well get another Wayne's World movie?

Though the critical and box office smash hit, which released on Feb. 14, 1992, sparked a sequel just a year later, the first film's director Penelope Spheeris tells PopCulture.com exclusively that in a similar vein to Bill and Ted's return with a new movie in 2020, she's not sure what it would take to bring Myers and Carvey back to their respective characters, Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar all this time later.

"I don't know," she said in a telephone conversation with PopCulture in promotion of the film's 30th anniversary. "People send me storylines for Wayne's World 3 and my answer to them is, 'It's called intellectual property, guys, and that belongs to Paramount. So why don't you send your idea to Paramount?'"

Admitting that the time between the movies was a little too quick for her, Spheeris didn't get the opportunity to direct the 1993 sequel but adds how she doesn't think Myers and Carvey would be up for a third installment much like Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter were for their film, which released during the pandemic. "[But] if [Myers and Carvey] did, I guess I would expect them to pay me back for not letting me do Wayne's World 2," she said. "But we'll see how that goes."

Inspired by the volume of snapshots she receives "all the time" from Wayne's World fans, Spheeris admits she would love to see Wayne and Garth as older parents after all this time. "People send me [pictures], if they've got twins or something, they'll send me [their kids] dressed up as Wayne and Garth, a little 3-year-old or whatever," she said. "It would be really cool to see young kids as Wayne and Garth running around, but still have the older dads around."

With the film now available to purchase as the limited edition re-release Steelbook case, Spheeris adds the reception after 30 years for the film has been "indescribably wonderful," leaving her "astounded" every day. "It's funny because even when they're not releasing a new product, people talk about Wayne's World to me. It just lives on and on and on. It is amazing because when we did the movie, we weren't like, 'Oh man, we're going to make this really big hit. We're all going to be famous for 30 years.' We didn't think that. We thought, 'Oh hopefully we'll get three or four theaters, and maybe it'll last a week.' We had no idea that it would last this long and people would still love it. But I know I am very, very grateful for it."

Wayne's World, the 30th Anniversary — Party On! Blu-ray Limited Edition Steelbook is now available to purchase. For more on the Wayne's World anniversary, stick to PopCulture.com.