Tyra Banks Brings Eve Back to Life in 'Life-Size 2' First Look Photos

Eve has officially returned, with Tyra Banks sharing the first photos from the Life-Size sequel with Entertainment Weekly.

See the photos here.

While doll-turned-human Eve's style has evolved with the time, her outfits are unabashedly unique, with the photos finding Banks' character donning a black-and-white checkered blazer with her hair in massive braids on top of her head, a salmon evening gown with ruffled sleeves and a blue holographic leather jacket with rainbow fur collar.

Banks' co-star Francia Raisa is also present in the snaps as Marathon Toys CEO Grace Manning whose “wild-child ways are causing the company’s stock to plummet," with those ways on display in one snap that finds Raisa crowdsurfing in a luau-inspired ensemble.

“Sometimes we’re forced to grow…. we’re put into situations that weren’t part of the plan," Raisa explained of her character's mental state at the start of the film. "And you’re going to have resentment towards that. I think that’s what happened to Grace: she was forced to grow up and be a part of a world that she didn’t ask for and wasn’t ready for."

Life-Size 2 will air on Freeform in December, and the snaps clearly reflect the holiday season, with Eve wearing a candy cane-inspired jumpsuit adorned with a white fur-trimmed collar in a few of the photos. There's also an image of Eve, Grace and a younger girl in front of a Christmas tree, the girl holding a wedding dress-adorned doll in her hand as Banks wears a ruffled pink getup.

“There’s a little bit of a bait-and-switch where you think Eve is one thing and she turns out to be something else, so fans of the original will go, ‘Oh my gosh!’” Banks revealed. “Things are new and she’s still excited about seeing things for the first time. As the movie progresses, Eve becomes less doll-like and more human, so you’ll see a bit more of that evolution than you did in the first movie.”

Banks previously revealed that Life-Size's theme song, "Be A Star," would also be getting a makeover, and one photo sees Eve preparing to belt out the revamped tune in said jumpsuit. The America's Next Top Model host will be joined on the track by rapper Janine the Machine and a guest billed as “New Fears Eve.”

Freeform calls the film a “fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie,” in which Eve is “magically awoken to help a young woman learn to live and love again.”

Judging by a photo of Eve and Grace happily working on a gingerbread house, it's a safe bet Eve succeeds in her quest, though likely not without a few bumps along the way.

Banks explained that Eve's powerful persona will hopefully not only offer a few lessons to Grace, but to the film's audience as well.


“Eve is like that big shot of self-esteem and that big shot of don’t dull your shine," she said. "A lot of girls are dulling their shine today trying to make other people feel more comfortable or just not realizing their potential… Eve’s here to show [Grace] you can be that boss b—.”

Photo Credit: Disney