Here's How Tom Cruise's Recent Injury Could Affect 'Top Gun 2,' According to Jerry Bruckheimer

Top Gun 2 is finally happening after all these years, but fans of the Tom Cruise vehicle are starting to worry about its potential future.

While filming Mission: Impossible 6, Cruise suffered a significant ankle injury during a stunt, delaying the production of the film for some time. Now, those waiting for the Top Gun sequel are concerned that the delay could prove tricky for that film as well.

Fortunately, producer Jerry Bruckheimer doesn't think it's much of a problem at all.

While speaking with Yahoo!, the producer revealed that, while the delay is significant, it shouldn't run into the Top Gun schedule.

"I think we'll be OK. We weren't planning on starting [filming] until January or February. I think he finishes his picture now in December so we should be OK."


This is definitely good news for Top Gun fans. After waiting more than 30 years to get a sequel, there won't be any more waiting added on.

As Bruckheimer said, Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled to begin filming early next year, with a release date of July 12, 2019. Tom Cruise will be starring in the film, re-teaming with director Joseph Kosinski, who he previously worked with on Oblivion.