'Space Jam 2': 'Walking Dead' Star Sonequa Martin Green Cast as Lebron James' Wife

Actress Sonequa Martin-Green is reportedly in negotiations to join the cast of Space Jam 2 with LeBron James.

Martin-Green has become a household name, between her roles on The Walking Dead and Star Trek: Discovery. Now, she has a chance to join a massive film franchise as well according to a new report by Variety. Sources say that Martin-Green is close to inking a deal to play James' wife in the movie.

Space Jam 2 was announced back in September, though the rumors have been around for a long time. The movie comes features Ryan Coogler as a producer. Coogler has become a big name in Hollywood after directing Black Panther, Creed and other huge hits.

Coogler and his partner, Maverick Carter are producing under the SpringHill Entertainment banner, along with James himself. Meanwhile, at the head of the project is director Terence Nance. Nance created HBO's Random Acts of Flyness.

Warner Bros. made a splash in September with a photo of a locker room announcing Space Jam 2. It showed four wooden cubbies in a row with player names, numbers and positions written above them. These included "B. Bunny, 1, point guard," "L. James, 23, small forward," "T. Nance, 20, director" and "R. Coogler, 21, Producer."

The lockers also featured graffiti and personal effects to give a few nods to the original film. Bugs Bunny's locker had a fresh carrot sticking out of the top, and the words "Daffy was here" were written inside. Meanwhile, James' locker featured a sketch of Martin the Martian on the wall.

Unfortunately, the movie is not due out until 2021, so details are few and far between. Martin-Green's casting is one of the biggest pieces of news fans are likely to get for a while, though it is a welcome tidbit. The actress had a long and fan-favorite run on The Walking Dead, where she played Sasha.


After that, Martin-Green moved on to the new Star Trek series, where she is the lead character. She has found herself right at home in the Star Trek fandom, where she plays the first series lead who is not a captain of their ship. Green's character, Michael Burnham, is a human adopted by Vulcans and raised in their culture, trained as an anthropologist.

Space Jam 2 is currently in pre-production. It is slated for release on July 16, 2021.