'Space Jam 2': Fans Say Lebron James Sequel Is a Slam Dunk

Fans got their first look at Space Jam 2 on Wednesday, and the response seemed to be overwhelmingly positive.

SpringHill Entertainment dropped a look inside the locker room for the ragtag cartoon team. It teased the upcoming film's two biggest stars: Bugs Bunny and LeBron James, as well as its director, Terence Nance, and its producer, Ryan Coogler. The tweet was just a static teaser image, captioned with emojis including a basketball, a carrot and a clapper, yet fans went ballistic over it.

"The Warriors will play the Monstars," proclaimed one fan.

"The Warriors are the Monstars," retorted another.

Many fans dissected the simple image, picking out minuscule details and making inferences. A few read the players' numbers across the top as a subtle hint at the release date, assuming that the movie would come out on Jan. 1, 2021.

"A Saturday," one fan noted. Others argued that the studio would not likely have such a precise release date planned so far in advance.

Another fan zoomed in on the sneakers in James' locker, pointing out a distinct mark on the soles. "SJ2" appeared to be written there.

As the comments mounted, many fans called out what they wanted to see in the sequel. Many demanded that Michael Jordan and Bill Murray make cameos, with more and more specific requests for their appearances.

"I want a cameo of Jordan going on the court to replace a hurt player just when things seem hopeless, and at least one shot of Wayne Knight and Bill Murray on the bench or cheering from the crowd," one person requested.

Of course, like all Hollywood announcements, the idea of a Space Jam 2 with LeBron James had its detractors as well. Some commented that James was "still living in the Jordan shadow," insinuating that the project did him a disservice by drawing even closer comparisons to Jordan.

Others simply felt that a sequel would belittle the original or miss the point entirely. Many argued that the first Space Jam is not objectively "good," but it is a "fun" movie thanks to a combination of nostalgia, self-mockery and ludicrous production decisions. Users expressed their fear that a sequel would serve as nothing more than a cash grab, soiling the legacy of a beloved children's movie.


Still, if one thing could lend legitimacy to the project, it would be Coogler. The acclaimed director's name on the teaser caught lots of attention, and a few people even wrote that they would give the film a chance just because they trusted Coogler so much.

Production on Space Jam 2 will begin sometime in 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter, during the NBA's off-season.