'Shameless' Emmy Rossum Says This Zendaya Photo Is Her 'Mood' After Heated Oscar Tweets

With this morning's announcements of this year's Academy Award nominations, cinephiles everywhere had an opinion on how things shook out. This includes Shameless star Emmy Rossum, who burned through a series of heated tweets (and retweets) offering harsh criticisms of the Academy. She then capped it off with a photo of Euphoria star Zendaya, which she classified as her "mood."

Among Rossum's other tweets dragged the Academy for ignoring women in the Best Director category, as well as their peculiar distaste for horror films in general. To underscore the latter point, she pointed to Lupita Nyong'o's dual roles in Jordan Peele's Us as an example.

"The movement and THE VOICE TEXTURE ALONE give her the nomination in my mind," Rossum tweeted. "She is such a specific actress, no choice is general, nothing is an accident, each moment is crafted and yet still supple and with breath."

Rossum certainly wasn't alone in her remarks. In the wake of this year's nominations, several people were quick to pile on the Academy's decision. Even Issa Rae, who delivered the nominations alongside John Cho, congratulated "all these men" who were nominated for Best Director.

Along with her Oscar commentary, Rossum also turned some heads on Twitter earlier this evening when she learned that Shameless, a show she starred on for nine seasons, was coming back for an 11th, which will be its last. Though Rossum was written out of the show back in season nine, her character's still very much alive, and couldn't conceivably show up at some point ahead of the big finale.

However, it may be too soon to count on it, according to Gary Levine, Showtime's co-president of entertainment, told Deadline that it may be "too early to say."


"She would be welcomed with open arms but Emmy doesn't owe us anything. She did great for the show as the show did great for her, and it was a very amicable parting. So if she surprises us, it would be lovely."

Levine cited one possible reason it might not happen would be Rossum's schedule, which is currently tied up with making Angelyne. The limited series is slated for Peacock, NBCUniversal's exclusive streaming service set to launch in April. In taking on the title role, based on the life of a renowned self-made pop culture icon who was well-known in Los Angeles, Rossum has undergone a dramatic transformation, one that's left her fans both enthralled and confused by the change.