Redbox Makes Movies Available Same Day They Release on Blu-Ray

Seeing a movie as soon as it's released on Blu-Ray just became a little bit easier.

Redbox has announced that it extended its distribution deal with Universal, meaning that the previous 28-day window between when a movie is released for home purchase and when it's made available for Redbox rental has been eliminated, Engadget reports.

The deal matches similar deals that the rental kiosk has with other film studios, including Lionsgate and Sony, which both have same-day licensing agreements with Redbox. Warner and Fox have a week-long window before movies are made available at the kiosks. Meanwhile, Disney has been a bit tougher, and the rental company is currently facing a lawsuit after selling digital download codes that came with the Disney movies it had purchased.


The same-day release agreement with Universal will apply to both the physical locations as well as Redbox's streaming service.