Oscars 2019: 'Whiskey Cavalier' Promo With Exploding Tampon Stirs up Social Media

A new promo for Whiskey Cavalier aired during the Oscars 2019 pre-show, and it featured an exploding tampon that has social media stirred up.

The clip begins like a faux-tampon commercial, with star Lauren Cohan talking about how she needs something that can stop "leaks." However, the "leaks" she's referring to are government secrets and the tampons are actually explosive devices.

Viewers who saw the spot have since taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new promo, with some loving it and others... not so much.

"Did anyone just see that exploding tampon commercial for [Whiskey Cavalier] on ABC? I have so many questions," one person commented.

"Was excited about [Whiskey Cavalier] premiere...then I saw the [tasteless] 'exploding tampon' teaser... seriously ABC? Not a good start," another person said.

"We just saw the spy tampons commercial in the middle of a show too, it has [Whiskey Cavalier] in the lower left, it's an ad for a new show," someone else wrote.

"Whiskey Cavalier has turned to using tampons to promote their show," one other user said, later adding, "Want to know what went through the Whiskey Cavalier writers' heads when deciding to make exploding tampons an element to their show."

Whiskey Cavalier is a dramedy that focuses on FBI super-agent Will Chase (Scott Foley) — codename: "WHISKEY CAVALIER" — as he leads a his own team alongside CIA operative Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge — codename: "FIERY TRIBUNE," played by Cohan.


In addition to Foley and Cohan, Whiskey Cavalier also stars Ana Ortiz, Tyler James Williams, Josh Hopkins, and Vir Das. Dylan Walsh, Marika Domińczyk, Christa Miller, and Bellamy Young will also appear.

The series will have its premiere tonight following The Oscars, and will then re-air on Wednesday, Feb. 20.