Oscars 2019: Amy Adams Fans Still Aren't Over Her 'Arrival' Snub

Fans have a lot of far-fetched hopes for the Oscars this year, including that Amy Adams will win a belated award for Arrival.

Adams starred in Arrival in 2016. The sci-fi drama was an instant hit, and propelled Adams and many others in the cast and crew on to great heights. However, she was not even nominated in the best actress category that year, and many fans feel she got robbed. In the lead up to the Oscars, many took to social media, remembering the sleight.

"I still don't forgive the academy for not nominating Amy for Arrival," one fan tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

"Of course friends vote for friends and friends also go out campaigning for friends. It's never about who gives the best performance," another person wrote. "If it were Julianne Moore would have won for Far From Heaven and Amy Adams would have won for Arrival."

Some fans even listed their biggest hope for the show to be a belated award for Adams, and perhaps even an apology. Others noted that it was strange to see her nominated this year when she missed out in 2016.

On Sunday night, Adams is up for the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. Adams played Lynne Cheney in Vice opposite her frequent collaborator Christian Bale last year. The movie has eight nominations in total, including Best Picture.

"Amy Adams seems to be an automatic nomination these days for some of her weakest performances and she still SOMEHOW didn't win for Arrival," mused one person on Twitter on Sunday.

Arrival followed Adams as Louise Banks, a renowned linguist grieving for her adolescent daughter, who has recently died from an incurable disease. As she processes this pain, she is called on by the military to help communicate with extraterrestrials who have landed on earth in a giant spacecraft.

The movie deals with loss in unique and interesting ways, playing off of the themes of communication and intelligence. Its science fiction elements are all the more interesting because they are confined to the backdrop, leaving viewers to piece together what they can while focusing mainly on Adams' emotional journey.

It also features an interesting take on time, with the aliens in the movie able to perceive things in a non-linear way. Adams performance shows that life can still have meaning even when lived with daunting inevitabilities looming overhead. For fans, the perfect nod to the story would be for the academy to recognize Adams performance non-linearly.


Whatever the night holds for Adams, it is unlikely her performance in Arrival will come up. The Oscars are live starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.