Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Emotional Reaction to First-Ever Oscar Nomination

Jamie Lee Curtis is in shock over her Oscar nomination. The Everything Everywhere All at Once actress earned her first Academy Award nomination on Tuesday, securing a place in the Best Supporting Actress category alongside co-star Stephanie Hsu. Everything Everywhere All at Once leads the 2023 Oscars with 11 nominations, with Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan also scoring acting nominations.

After Curtis' nomination was announced, the actress shared candid snapshots of her reaction, including a sweet embrace with her husband Christopher Guest. "THIS IS WHAT SURPRISE LOOKS LIKE! One of my oldest besties [Debbie Oppenheimer] texted me at 5:15 that she was sitting in front of my house and did I want company watching the announcements," wrote Curtis. "Debbie Oppenheimer has won an Oscar for the beautiful documentary she made about her mother's story as one of the kindertransport in the Oscar-winning documentary. Into The Arms Of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport."

"There she was in the pitch black, freezing, cold in a parka," continued Curtis. "She came in and sat with me as I had sat with her the day she was heading toward the Oscar ceremony, the year she won. We held hands. I didn't even realize she took pictures. The first is the moment of hearing my name, and then the thrill of my friend, [Stephanie Hsu's] name, and the rest of the nominations and then the best thing of all, a loving embrace for my husband. No filters. No fakery. Just the truth of a moment of joy Captured by a friend."

In another post, Curtis shared a photo of her late movie star parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis at the 1960 Oscars. Leigh, before her death in 2004, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Psycho, while Tony earned a Best Actor nomination for The Defiant Ones before his death in 2010. "It was never even in my wildest dream box," Curtis captioned her post. "I have always felt very much like an outsider looking in and yet always so grateful for any and all opportunities I have had. Being a part of this beautiful movie, which just received so many acknowledgments for our talented, motley crew of artists, is the highlight of my professional life."

"As this is a movie about a family of immigrants and their struggles through life, immediately I'm thinking of my parents, children of immigrants from Hungary and Denmark, whose families came here and sacrificed for their children to achieve their dreams," she continued. "I can only imagine what it would feel like for them and their parents to hear that their daughter/granddaughter was nominated this morning for an Oscar." Curtis concluded, "I am stunned and humbled and excited for our little movie that could and did and based on today's nominations, continues to do and do and do."