'Jackass 4' Could Be on the Way, According to Chris Raab

The Jackass films are (literally) side-splittingly subversive, and have been beloved for years by those who can stomach the antics that ensue. Now, there is a chance that Jackass 4 could be on the way, according to Jackass alum Chris Raab, who went by the nickname Raab Himself while appearing on the Jackass TV series. While speaking to Loudwire, Raab said, “I get the feeling that everyone’s pretty interested in it.” The outlet went onto note that Raab's basis for how the other cast members would feel about coming back stems from interviews he has done with them on his own show, the Bathroom Break Podcast.

Seemingly referring to the CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) videos that predated Jackass and featured Raab — as well as other Jackass stars such as Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, and Brandon DiCamillo — Raab said he's “not sure that" anything "would ever happen" with that again.

He went on to explain, "Ryan [Dunn] was a huge part of that, so it’s sort of weird without him. We’ve got that question about the CKY thing. ‘Is there going to be a CKY 5?’ Nah, that’ll never happen."

He then once again directly addressed a potential fourth Jackass film, saying, "As far as Jackass, I would think maybe it would happen, but I don’t know ‘cause I’m not in that world enough to know. I probably would be [a part of it] if asked … I feel like if Tremaine and Spike [Jonze] and Knoxville said, ‘Hey, let’s do it,’ then I imagine it would go forward. If they were to say it, I don’t think there would be pushback from others.”

Notably, Raab was part of the Jackass TV series, as well as the first Jackass movie, but did not participate in the next two Jackass films due to having a falling out with Margera. He did remain close to Dunn until the star's tragic death in 2011.

Raab eventually came back into the fold when MTV did filming for A Tribute to Ryan Dunn.


“The nice thing was that it was Rick Kosick and Jeff Tremaine [filming] so they came and it was our family,” Raab said of being part of the project. “This is our family, we get to pay respects to our brother, we get to laugh again … It was the first time I had laughed since he died.”

While there is currently no official word on another Jackass film, Hulu subscribers can get their fix by watching Jackass 3 anytime on the streaming service.