It: Chapter 2 - (Spoiler) Dies

After years of waiting, It: Chapter 2 is finally here, and fans are seeing how the story wraps up for all the characters who were introduced in the first film. Notably, not everyone makes it out alive. In 2017s It: Chapter 1, the young members of the Losers' Club were debuted, and along with them fans also met the many people in their lives.

Please Note - Spoilers Below for It: Chapter 2

One of those main characters was Derry, Maine bully Henry Bowers, who was played by Nicholas Hamilton in the first film. In It: Chapter 2, we find out that after Bowers killed his father at the end of It: Chapter 1 he was institutionalized, and has remained so for the past 27 years.

Now, as an adult, Bowers (played by Teach Grant) becomes manipulated by Pennywise, and with the killer clown's help he breaks out of the facility he's been kept in, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

He tracks down the members of the Loser's Club, and attacks Eddie in a hotel bathroom by stabbing him through the cheek with a knife. Eddie retaliates by pulling the knife out and stabbing Bowers in the gut with it. As Eddie escapes the bathroom, Bowers disappears through the window.

Bowers then heads to the Derry library where Mike is doing some research, and he attacks Mike. A fight ensues, and just as it looks like a crazed Bowers might overpower Mike, he is hit in the head with an axe and falls over dead. It's presumed that Ben was the one to kill Bowers — since Bowers mercilessly bullied him when they were kids — but it is quickly revealed that it was actually Richie who killed Bowers.

Unfortunately, Bowers is not the only casualty of the film. In addition to the many unsuspecting victims of Pennywise, a couple members of the Losers' Club don't make it to the end alive.

Early on in the film, Stanley (played as an adult by Andy Bean) takes his own life after finding out the Pennywise has returned. It's later revealed that he did this as a sacrificial measure to help the rest of the Losers have an upper hand by changing the rules that Pennywise has to play by.

The other Loser death comes in the film's final act, when Eddie is killed by Pennywise while trying to help fight the monstrous creature with his friends.

While these deaths are certainly painful, they are not in vain, as the Losers do defeat Pennywise and break the curse for good.


It: Chapter 2 is now playing in theaters everywhere.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures