'Grease 2' Wardrobe Malfunction Spotted 39 Years Later

Nearly four decades after its theatrical debut, Grease 2 is at the center of renewed attention, though not for the best reasons. As the cult classic Grease sequel prepares to mark its 40th anniversary next month, one fan fitting in another viewing of the film recently spotted a massive wardrobe malfunction that has quickly become all the talk on social media.

The chatter began on May 8 when actor and YouTuber Justin Root took to Twitter to announce they "spotted a wardrobe malfunction in Grease 2." In the accompanying 14-second slowed-down clip, which you can see by clicking here (warning, it is very NSFW), the seemingly never-before-spotted wardrobe malfunction plays out. Taking place at the Rydell High School athletics track, a group of students can be seen running and jumping over hurdles. As one such student runs the course and jumps over a hurdle, his white shorts ride up, and he doesn't seem to be wearing anything underneath as he is briefly exposed. Since being shared earlier in May, the video has been viewed more than 179,000 times, and it has certainly sparked plenty of vibrant conversations from those who had never before noticed the embarrassing blunder.

Reacting to the clip, several people expressed their shock at never having spotted the wardrobe malfunction themselves. One Grease 2 fan said they have "seen this movie at least 600 times, no exaggeration. Thought I knew every frame. Wow." Another person shared a similar sentiment, tweeting, "Is this real??? I've seen this [Grease 2] exactly 2,749,344 times. Never caught that!" A third wrote, "Oh my god. This is my favourite movie that I've watched 100s of times since I was a child. I have never noticed this!"

Several others simply reacted in shock, with one person sharing that they "thought for sure this was fake, so I pulled it up on Amazon prime and nope.. Totally true!" Somebody else joked that after viewing the clip, they "will never watch this film in the same way again." Another person quipped, "I don't know why but this kinda made my day."


Originally debuting in 1982, Grease 2 is set several years after the original Grease film and stars Maxwell Caufield and Michelle Pfeiffer as Michael Carrington, an English exchange student at Rydell High, and Stephanie Zinone, the new leader of the Pink Ladies. The film only starred a handful of returning Grease actors, including Didi Conn as Frenchy and Eve Arden as Rydell High's principal. During a 2016 appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, Olivia Newton-John revealed that she and Travolta had originally been approached for the sequel, though "it didn't happen, and I didn't think it was gonna happen, and then they made it with other people. So that's my memory of it." Although Grease 2 was largely considered a flop and a box office failure, the film has since garnered a cult following.