Disney Channel Reveals Live-Action 'Kim Possible' Movie Preview

The Disney Channel released a sneak peek for the live action movie adaptation of Kim Possible last week, bringing the spy thrills and teen drama to real life.

The clip went up online on Sunday, Dec. 23, just in time for many fans to go on holiday break. It circulated widely on social media, drumming up excitement for the movie as well as some criticism. The sneak peek is just 1 minute and 20 seconds long, and it shows one continuous scene rather than a montage or sizzle reel.

In it, Kim Possible (Sadie Stanley) is running down the street at full tilt to catch the school bus. She is dressed in civilian clothes, but there is no doubt that she is a secret agent from the beginning. A video chat box appears projected in the air beside her, showing Wade (Isaac Ryan Brown) urging her forward.

"Kim, the bus is on your street now!" he says. While Kim sees how close she is to missing the bus, she does not hesitate to stop and save a baby rolling away from their inattentive mother in a stroller. Dropping to the ground in a graceful role, she uses a grappling gun to pull the stroller back toward the mother, who calls out her thanks.

"The doors are closing!" Wade warns. He begins a suspenseful countdown as Kim continues to run, shooting her grappling gun up toward a streetlight and swinging through the school bus doors just in the nick of time.

"Made it!" Kim cries. Once she is on the bus, the only person to react to her wild antics is Ron Stoppable (Sean Giambrone).

"Booyah!" he says, raising his arms over his head.

The sneak peek gives an idea of what a scene within the movie might look like, while a few other videos released by Disney Channel serve as more traditional trailers. The network has been teasing a live-action adaptation of Kim Possible since April, and the stakes seem a lot higher than just a missed school bus.

In the full-length trailer, Kim Possible flies with the aid of a jet pack, fights with a variety of high-tech spy weapons and undertakes some breath-taking stunts that could give the animated version a run for her money. Ron, of course, stumbles behind her doing everything just a bit more clumsily. The trailer also introduces the movie's all-star cast.

Kim Possible stars Alyson Hannigan as Dr. Ann Possible, an Patton Oswalt as Professor Dementor. Todd Stashwick plays Dr. Drakken while Taylor Ortega plays Shego. The movie even has an unnamed role for Christy Carlson Romano, who did the voice of Kim Possible in the original series. Another Disney Channel video shows her and Will Friedle auditioning for the live action roles to great comedic effect.

Reaction to the clips and promos for Kim Possible has been mixed, especially as the generation that grew up with the series is now grown up. However, the general consensus seems to be that the movie should be judged by the kids who will see it next year.


"The new Kim Possible movie is for children, it's not meant to satisfy the nostalgia of a 25-year-old, so stop complaining about something made for 10-year-olds to enjoy," one person tweeted.

Kim Possible premieres on Disney Channel on Feb. 15, 2019 at 8 p.m. ET.