Christopher Plummer Talks Replacing Kevin Spacey in Reshoots of 'All the Money in the World'

In light of the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey, the producers of All the Money in the World chose to recast and reshoot his role with Christopher Plummer, who has now spoken out about the situation.

"It isn't replacing. In a funny way it's starting all over again because it's going to be different, naturally," The 87-year-old actor explained to ET.

The film is a biopic about the life of J. Paul Getty, an oil tycoon who infamously became a billionaire. Spacey was set to play Getty until multiple reports came to light that he had sexual harassed and/or assaulted multiple people.

Even though the film was entirely competed, the director of All the Money in the World, Ridley Scott, opted to make the unprecedented decision to remove Spacey and recast Plummer in the role, thus forcing the need to re-shoot all of the scenes that Spacey had been in.

Interestingly, Plummer revealed why the role was so easy for him to transition into. "At one point we were discussing doing it in the early days," Plummer recalled about previously being in talks for the role before it went to Spacey.


Plummer also briefly addressed the allegations against Spacey. "The situation is very sad, because he's such a talented guy. The whole circumstance is sad," Plummer stated. "But I've got to forget that and go and do it, because it's a very well written script and Ridley has been very good."

All the Money in the World also stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, and is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 22, 2017.