Charlie Hunnam Opens up About 'King Arthur' Box Office Flop

Charlie Hunnam recently opened up about his film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and how it was a tough box office flop

During a conversation with the Boston Herald, Hunnam was asked about the movie landing "with a thud," and how he recovers "from something like that."

"I mean it's inevitable. I've certainly had to endure more failure in my career than I've enjoyed success. One develops something of a thick skin," the former Sons of Anarchy star replied. "Ultimately to me, I feel incredibly fortunate to do what I love, which is making films. But I'm a film process orientated guy."

"But the time a film is actually coming out, I really feel very, very little identification or I really don't have much of a stake in it anymore," he went on to say. "To me the process is sacred and beautiful and where I spend all of my energy is in actually exploring the idea and trying to find some truth in it and enjoy the process of actually making films.

"Through the editing and all of the press and stuff there becomes a big distance for me between it. So I'm just a particularly results-orientated person," Hunnam continued. "When something comes out and everybody hates it and it does no business, I mean it's certainly a bummer, but it really actually doesn't have that great of an affect.

"The only real affect that I had in that situation was, I'd had to do so much press that I'd been on the road for six weeks. I was sort of immersed in the experience of trying to sell that film," he added. "That certainly builds up a sort of expectation for when it will come out to see what it does. But it's a funny thing.

"It's a hard thing really to explain, but I don't feel a deep connection with an end result of a film. I don't watch films once they're finished, actually. I just am 99 percent focused on the process of actually making the film."

In addition to his assessment of King Arthur, Hunnam also shared that he has quite a full schedule on the horizon, which includes his newest film Papillon that was just recently released.


"I just did a film with J.C. Chandor [Triple Frontier with Ben Affleck], who's a really wonderful director, Hunnam said. "Then I just wrapped a movie with Justin Kurzel [The True History of the Kelly Gang], which was a real career highlight for me because he's one of my favorite directors,"

Hunnam added that he was also "going to Boston to start shooting another film" soon.