'Brahms: The Boy II' Star Christopher Convery Reveals Film's Creepy Doll 'Is Not Who You Think He Is' (Exclusive)

In 2016, the world was introduced to a menacing and terrifying doll named Brahms, the villain of STXFilms' The Boy, a film starring former The Walking Dead actress, Lauren Cohan and actor Rupert Evans of the 2018 Charmed reboot. The film followed Greta (Cohan), a young American woman hired to move to to the United Kingdom and become a nanny to the son of an aging couple. But upon arrival, she's greeted by Brahms, a porcelain doll who the couple treats as their own since the death of their real child.

Warning! Spoilers for The Boy (2016) follow:

The movie features a number of twists and turns that are quite unexpected, but in the end it's clear Brahms is not just a doll, but something more. As the credits roll, the doll is shown to be in an uncertain condition. Now, just over four years later, the nefarious doll has returned in the films sequel — Brahms: The Boy II — but the new film's young star, Christopher Convery, has revealed that Brahms "is not who you think he is."

While speaking to Popculture.com, Convery confessed that though he "can't say anything" else about the movie, he strongly encourages horror fans to "go watch it" because it's "much scarier and creepier" than its predecessor.

(Photo: STXfilms)

Regarding the first film, Convery says that he had not seen it before getting the role in the sequel, but that as soon as he got Brahms: The Boy II, he "went straight away to watch the first one and it was just such an amazing movie."

"I liked it so much and then I think it really helped me too because it kind of brought the tone out for just the general tone of the entire movie and all the characters, cause it really helped me," he said, adding how he also loved the surprise ending of the film. "It was such an amazing twist. It scared me so much."

Convery is a 12-year-old actor and singer, most recognizable from his roles in Gotham and The Girl in the Spider's Web, as well as an appearance in Stranger Things. Taking on The Boy II, however, was a whole new kind of cinematic monster — quite literally — as it required him to work opposite Brahms, whom he speaks about almost as if the doll were a real boy.

"One experience that really stood out to me was Brahms, when I first met him, was so scary. Like he came in, they showed me the doll and he had this weird, really weird silicone skin," he recalled. "And in the first movie is porcelain. Brahms kind of got upgraded and his eyes look so real, exact design of a human eye but it's glass and his size kind of made him feel like there was an actual little boy standing in front of you. So it was so creepy."

(Photo: STXfilms)

Speaking about another ominous moment in the presence of Brahms, Convery shared that he felt like he may have had a supernatural encounter with the doll.

"There was one part, when I was doing a scene and all the lights were off. Brahms stood on the side, he wasn't in the scene," Convery recounted, adding that while the scene was being prepped something odd happened. "This weird little hand that... not even hand, just this weird thing touching my neck and really slowly and then the lights turned back on and there's no one there except Brahms."

Convery then confessed that he is now "officially scared of dolls because of Brahms."


In addition to Convery, Brahms: The Boy II also stars Katie Holmes (Logan Lucky), Ralph Ineson (The Witch), and Owain Yeoman (The Mentalist). It is written by Stacey Menear — who wrote the first film — and directed by William Brent Bell, director of The Boy.

Brahms: The Boy II opens in theaters this Friday, Feb. 21.