Blake Lively Chops and Dyes Her Hair for New Assassin Movie Role

Move over Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively is poised to become the next big action movie star. In the new trailer for her upcoming movie, The Rhythm Section, Lively trades in her usual blonde locks for a short black haircut as she punches and explodes her way through a new adventure.

Lively plays an English assassin in the upcoming thriller The Rhythm Section, and fans can hardly wait. A new trailer was released Tuesday, show Lively in action shooting bad guys, throwing punches and pulling off stunts. After years of watching her husband play the snarky action hero, fans are excited to see her got a shot.

It looks like Lively's character sports a short, toussled brown hairstyle in the movie, but she is not in it for long. Throughout the trailer she can be seen switching between a couple of different wigs, hiding in plain sight as she carries out her ghoulish mission.

She plays a character named Stephanie Patrick, and the trailer shows us that she has lost just about everything.

"I lost my family three years ago. They were killed. I have nothing left," she says in voice-over.

Stephanie's family went down in plane crash, but she clearly suspects foul play. She enlists the help of a man named Iain Boyd (Jude Law) to help her learn the skills she needs to get justice.

"I'll find the people who did this — I'll kill every last one of them. I need your help," she says coldly.

The trailer even explains the movie's title, as Iain tells Stephanie she needs to get her "rhythm section under control," meaning she needs to calm her heart rate. In a few death-defying scenes, he gives her a crash course in shooting, fighting and generally being tough.

The trailer also shows Stephanie wrapped up in a steamy embrace with a man named Marc Serra, played by Sterling K. Brown. There is clearly more to this mid-revenge romance, but we will have to wait for the movie to find out.


The Rhythm Section is based on a novel by Mark Burnell, who adapted his own work for the screen. It is directed by Reed Morano — known for movies like Kill Your Darlings and Frozen River. Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to Burnell's book back in 2017, and has been working on it ever since. It is produced by EON Productions, the company known for producing the James Bond franchise.

The Rhythm Section will be in theaters in the U.S. on Friday, Jan. 31.