Andra Day Won New Fans Dragging The Academy for Snubbing Prince and ‘Purple Rain’

The United States vs. Billie Holiday star Andra Day started this awards season as a relative unknown, but it's safe to say that the Best Actress nominee is walking away from the Academy Awards with a ton of new fans. Day hit the red carpet in a stunning gold Vera Wang with some eye-popping cut-outs, turning heads with this magnificent display of high fashion. However, it was a bleeped quip from the ceremony that truly won Day a new legion of admirers.

The ceremony included a hilarious bit of Oscar trivia with Lil Rel Howry and Questlove, and Howry asked Day about Prince's iconic song "Purple Rain" and whether it earned an Oscar nomination. Day's reply, which got censored for American audiences, was a perfectly succinct indictment of the Oscars' existence. "It's a brilliant song, so it probably wasn't even nominated in this bulls—."

After such a perfect example of the "get you someone that can do both" meme, Twitter exploded with admiration for Day. "Andra Day out here wilding! Lol she's not wrong though," pointed out one viewer. Day may have lost her category to Nomadland's Frances McDormand, but she's leaving the Oscars a true winner.

"Andra Day dragging the Academy for Prince - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL," tweeted Lainey Gossip, making the excellent point that if you're going to drag the Academy in their own house, there's no better person to do it for than the "Kiss" singer.


"Andra Day insulting the Academy Awards during the broadcast...honestly we love to see it," relished one fan. The general consensus was that Day was exactly right in her assessment. "Did she lie tho?" joked one fan. Day's career is only just beginning, but she definitely made some fans for life.