Dolly Parton Confirms '9 to 5' Original Cast All in for Reboot

Dolly Parton is making all 9 to 5 fans' dreams come true.The country music icon revealed Thursday [...]

Dolly Parton is making all 9 to 5 fans' dreams come true.

The country music icon revealed Thursday that she, along with original movie co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, are signing on for the reboot.

Parton told ABC News that a reboot of the film made sense now more than ever in light of recent movements surrounding equal pay and harassment in the workplace.

"I've been talking to Lily and Jane ... Actually all these years, we've talked about doing a sequel to 9 to 5 and it never made any real sense until just recently," she said. "We're trying to get the script and all that. Everybody is very interested and we've all agreed that we'd love to do it if it's right."

The film reboot, which is reportedly being co-written by Rashida Jones and the creator of the original movie, Pat Resnick, will focus on younger women who seek out and look to the original cast for advice.

"We've all come up with a business of our own," Parton said about the characters played by herself, Fonda and Tomlin. "So they come to find us to get some input on how they should help run their own business."

The film's release has not been officially confirmed by 20th Century Fox.

The original 9 to 5 tackled sexism and chauvinism in the workplace, and gave an honest look at women dealing with harassment. It also tackled the issues of equal pay, childcare and bigotry, all of which women in the workplace are still struggling with.

In the era of the "Me Too" movement and the Time's Up Campaign, the studio, as well as the creative team, see this as an project worth revisiting. It helps that the original was a financial success as well, and a beloved hit at the time.

Parton, Fonda and Tomlin played three secretaries who watch their boss (played by Dabney Coleman) pass them over for promotions. Not only that, but their ideas are casually stolen without credit, and they live in a culture of unmasked sexual harassment.

Eventually, Coleman's character tries to blackmail Parton's character into sleeping with him. Instead, she shows up with her co-stars. They kidnap the unapologetically sexist boss, and keep him tied up as they dig up dirt on him. They discover a massive embezzlement scheme, and work to cash in on it while their boss is incapacitated.