'Brahms: The Boy II' Star Christopher Convery Talks Working With 'True Professional' Katie Holmes Amid 'Challenge' of Playing 'Dark Characters' (Exclusive)

Brahms: The Boy II star Christopher Convery, has appeared in his fair share of dark movies and TV shows, which is something that provides a "challenge" he enjoys. The horror sequel he's now starring in certainly brought another opportunity for playing an edgier role, as he plays as a young boy who falls prey to the influence of the evil doll, Brahms. Speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com. Convery explained that he doesn't necessarily pursue projects that have dark tones, but that is still often what he gets chosen for.

In the case of Brahms, he went back and watched 2016's The Boy, the film's predecessor, to better understand the "tone" he needed to be aiming for. He also says the scripts are very helpful in guiding him to the right demeanor of his character.

"Whatever the tone is into my role, I'll just read the script and I'll use the tone that I found that the script brings into my character," Convery said. "And I think what's really cool about playing these dark characters is there's a lot of emotionally challenging things for me as an actor, and I do want to challenge myself as an actor. So I really am glad that I've been in all these projects."

Prior to The Boy II, Convery appeared in several episodes of Fox's pre-Batman series, Gotham, as well as an episode of the hit sci-fi series Stranger Things. He also starred alongside The Crown's Clair Foy in 2018;s thrilling film adaptation of The Girl in the Spider's Web.

While Brahms definitely falls into a "dark" category, Convery says that working alongside such incredible co-stars made it a really fun experience, especially, his on-screen mom Katie Holmes, whom he calls a "true professional."

"She would do a full characterization but I've definitely learned from her and Owain [Yeoman], my dad in the movie, and it would just make it really bring the characters to life, it would really make them look like an actual family."

The good chemistry Convery had with Holmes didn't end just acting together, as he revealed that when she discovered he was a talented and accomplished musician she championed to get that included in the film.

"What was really cool about Katie is that, one time she was watching a video of me playing the piano and she really liked it so she went to the director [William Brent Bell] and she showed him the video and he liked it a lot," he recalled. "And I found out that they both agreed that they should add a whole new scene of me playing the piano, which is amazing."


Ultimately, Convery explained that while he "can't say anything" about the plot of the film, he hopes people will "go watch it" because he believes it's "much scarier and creepier" than The Boy.

Brahms: The Boy II is now playing in theaters everywhere.