Youtube Video of Girl Swimming with Giant Burmese Python Goes Viral

Just when you've seen it all, a Youtube video of a young girl swimming in a backyard pool with a giant Burmese Python surfaces.

The video, which was actually posted to Youtube in April 2014 and has more than 2.2 million views.

Burmese Pythons are massive snakes that can grow as long as 20 feet. They are primarily found in the tropics of Southern and Southeastern Asia, but are a source of controversy of late as they have started appearing in the Everglades National Park in Florida.

While this controversial "pet" is starting to make headlines, these parents have complete trust in the snake around their children.

Redding, California native Cory Wallace, who posted the video, identifies the 8 year old python as Sumatra.


"She has been to over 500 birthday parties and many schools, she has been around kids since she was a bay, she has never killed anything and she even likes our dogs and cat."

What's your take as a parent? Would you let your children swim with a Burmese Python? Tell us what you think.