The Exact Moment A Comedian Gets Caught In The Crossfire As Shots Are Fired

A shocking video caught the horrifying moment when a gunfight broke out at a club in New [...]

A shocking video caught the horrifying moment when a gunfight broke out at a club in New Jersey.

Brooklyn-born comedian Toni Byrd was performing on stage at the Sports in the City Lounge on Friday night in Bloomfield when she was caught in the crossfire of the shootout.

The 49-year-old wasn't even five minutes into her set when up to 20 bullets were fired from outside the nightclub. Five people inside the building were struck, and Byrd said feels that she is lucky to be alive after the incident.

"Oh my God, I felt that first bullet go past me," Byrd said while discussing the shooting with the New York Post. "That's what startled me and they just started ringing out."

During Byrd's first standup performance at the nightclub, there were several dozen spectators in attendance. Before the gunfire abruptly ended her set, Byrd was cracking off jokes about being an aging lesbian experiencing menopause.

Byrd explained that the gunfire didn't break out because of any altercation that was ignited inside the building.

"It had nothing to do with anybody inside the club," Byrd said. "There was no fighting, everybody was laughing."

While Byrd was performing, a friend of hers was filming the set and managed to catch the exact moment when the comedienne heard the first gun shot.

Byrd stopped mid-sentence when a loud cracking noise was heard, and she immediately turned around to run away. Fortunately she was able to find shelter in a backroom at the club.

She shared a post on Facebook about the terrifying experience. Byrd wrote: "All praise due to God. I was headlining comedy show tonight in Bloomfield NH. And bullets started flying...I mean they shot the spot up. 4 ppl were shot. I'm so grateful because a few bullets pass by me. I was able to get on the floor and make it in the back room. My homie Nicole KatSkates came out to the show. I'm so grateful that she didn't get hit. After the smoke clear I was looking for her and she was nursing the wounded. I found a new level of respect for her, She is the true definition of a lady with compassion for others! We are so grateful because it could have turn out a different way! Praise God!!"

The nightclub was padlocked by the Police on Monday morning. The investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests made at this time, according to PIX11.

We wish all those who were wounded in this horrible incident a speedy recovery.

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