Morgan Spurlock's Rats Trailer Features The Grossest Vermin In The World

Morgan Spurlock's next film is the stuff of nightmares! The forthcoming movie from the acclaimed director is titled Rats, and dives deep into the sewers and garbage bags of the city to tell the tale of the pesky vermin.

"Thousands of rats running around! Thousand of them!" one man tells a group of rat researchers in the preview.

Check out the terrifying trailer above.

Spurlock clearly knows how to deliver this subject matter as he has made the documentary the feel of a slasher flick. Because in reality, it is horrifying just how many rats there are all around us, and there is no escape.

Here's the official synopsis for the upcoming film:

"Inspired by Robert Sullivan's New York Times bestselling Book, RATS goes deep beneath the surface to explore the lives of man's greatest parasite. Oscar-nominated director Morgan Spurlock unveils a new form of documentary horror storytelling, journeying around the world to bring viewers face to face with rats while delving into our complication relationship with these creepy creatures."

The producers on the movie are Jeremy Chilnick (CNN'S Inside Man, The Third Wave), Morgan Spurlock, David Koh, Josh Braun, Dan Braun, and Stanley Buchthal. The film has already been nominated for the Critics' Choice Documentary Awards Nominee for Best Documentary Feature (TV/Streaming) and Best Director (TV/Streaming).

Rats comes to the Discovery Channel on October 22, 2016.


Do you plan on watching Morgan Spurlocks' upcoming film Rats?

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