Lion Vs. Leopard: The Ultimate Showdown

Ever wanted to see what would happen if a leopard and a lion were to meet? Well, thanks to a video from Kruger National Park in South Africa, everyone can see exactly what happens when these two big cats run into each other.

In this particular video, it's hard to tell what sparked this interaction. There is no sign of food, nor is there any indication that either cat is on the other's territory. There aren't any other pride members, or babies around. It's just one lion versus one leopard.

The leopard is hanging out, almost like a domesticated house cat, on the top of a hill. He is just chilling out. At one point, he even lays his head down to nap – like a house cat.

The lion, however, looks as though he is stalking the leopard. He comes out of nowhere, off in the distance, and slowly makes his way up to the hill where the leopard is "sleeping." Then the lion proceeds to attack the leopard.

Now, it's obvious which of these two powerhouses is going to be the stronger one in the fight. The lion will win any strength test the leopard throws at him. But what the leopard lacks in strength, he makes up for in speed and agility. For example, as the lion starts to whack at him, the leopard jumps out of the way, throws in a few whacks of his own, then runs off.

At the end, the lion slowly starts to follow, stalking like he was in the beginning. However, the leopard might have gotten the upper hand in the end. The very last scene shows the lion sitting down, and the leopard is hanging out in the tree behind him.

Which team are you? Strong and fierce lion? Or fast and agile leopard?


[H/T The LAD Bible]