Leonardo DiCaprio Gifts Ivanka Trump New Climate Change Doc In hopes Of Educating

Now that he's won his long-sought-after Academy Award, Leonardo DiCaprio gets to spend more time following his passions, along with aiming to make sure our planet doesn't kill itself. In hopes of getting the message through to climate change denier Donald Trump, DiCaprio brought a gift for his daughter Ivanka during a private meeting.

Considering Trump's sons have already gained their fair share of attention from the brutal slaughter of rare animals, the popular belief is that 35-year-old Ivanka is poised to be the voice of reason when it comes to the future of our planet. According to aides of the two, DiCaprio gave Ivanka a copy of his latest documentary, Before the Flood, which chronicles the direct impact humans are having on our environment, in hopes of informing her about the dire situation we are putting the planet in.

Here's hoping that Ivanka took the message to heart and will try to make sure her father doesn't continue to allow the planet to be destroyed. Or at the very least, it causes the president-elect to check out Inception and see what it looks like when the world literally gets turned upside-down in the name of profits.


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