Kindest Student Ever Buys Teacher Pair Of Air Jordans He's Always Wanted

Some say it's hard being a teacher, and that can be true, but sometimes kids can really surprise you. One student showed his appreciation for his high school teacher by giving him a gift he has always wanted – a pair of Air Jordan 12's.

Hector Montez is a student at Coronado High School. During his sophomore year, he recalled a time when his teacher and football coach, Thomas Walser, mentioned that when he was younger, he really wanted a pair of Air Jordan 12 "Taxi." But back then, Walser didn't get a pair.

Now, over the years, Montez has built a close relationship with Walser. Not only is he a coach and a teacher, but he is a mentor and supporter of Montez. So, to say thank you in the most memorable way possible, Montez and his fellow students got together to get Walser the present he never got as a kid.

"Alright coach Walser, this is for you. Thanks for always keeping it real with me," Montez said in the video as he set an Air Jordan box on Walser's desk.

At first Walser seems concerned that something is going to jump out at him, but after Montez opens the box, he realizes just what it is that his students did for him – and his reaction is priceless. The surprise and shock fill his face at first, then there is nothing but gratitude towards Montez. The two share a couple of hugs before Walser puts on the shoes, showing them off for the camera.


This will certainly be a day that he will always remember as a teacher and a coach.

[H/T High Snobriety]