Kate Beckinsale's Daughter Records Embarrassing Dance Video

Kate Beckinsale isn't just a fan of killing vampires and taking awesome Instagram photos – she is also a fan of dancing. Though there is a big difference between being a fan of something and being able to do something well. As it turns out, Beckinsale isn't very good at dancing.

During an interview with PEOPLE, the Underworld: Blood War actress mentioned that she and her daughter Lily, 17, like to have a bit of fun dancing to YouTube videos. Thing is, it isn't as easy as it sounds. According to Beckinsale, it's a bit of a workout.

"[We] do those YouTube videos where you have to follow along," she said. "They're really difficult. But oh my God, you can't stop doing them. It's like doing a triathlon, you spend about three hours doing it and you're kind of exhausted afterward."

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Of course, like any good 17-year-old daughter, Lily isn't going to let her mom live down her bad dancing skills. Beckinsale admits that sometimes Lily uses her computer to record the duo dancing along.

"You have to it as it's happening in real-time so you don't get to practice," she added. "But [Lily is] pretty good at it. We don't have a large audience, fortunately. She meanly and secretly makes videos of it on her computer so it's going to be there to ruin me."

Perhaps this calls for a bit of a prank on Lily, where Beckinsale gets a head start and rehearses, nailing the dancing video. That would definitely be a video to record. See what Beckinsale is really good at – kicking ass in her films, of course – in her new film, Underworld: Blood Wars, out now.


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