Jackass' Steve-O Breaks Both His Legs Doing Mystery Stunt

Jackass star, Steve-O, has broken both of his legs in what we can only assume was a wildly dangerous stunt.

The 42-year-old daredevil posted photos on social media showing off the damage, and this injury looks seriously painful. He shared a photo of himself in the hospital bed with the caption: "I really did a number on myself today. Apologies in advance for the images of my foot sticking out sideways--wish me luck in surgery!"

He also posted several pictures on Snapchat displaying how he completely snapped the bone. Steve-O took a picture of the x-ray and his ankle looks all types of messed up!

(Photo: Snapchat)

Another photo Steve-O shared on Snapchat showed how completely swollen his ankle was after the stunt gone wrong.

(Photo: Snapchat)

No word yet on how he managed to take such a nasty spill. Judging by the Instagram photo, Steve-O doesn't look like he is pain at all. Of course, this kind of injury would just be another day in the office for the Jackass star.

Follow Steve-O's Instagram here to keep up with all of the upcoming (and likely disgusting) images of his broken foot.

We wish Steve-O a speedy recovery after his surgery!


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