Entire Family Killed In Small Plane Crash En Route To Telluride

While on their way to a ski resort in Colorado, a family of four was killed when the small plane they were traveling on crashed.

On Tuesday, the bodies of 44-year-old Eric Falbe, his 34-year-old wife Carrie, and his two daughters from a previous marriage – 14-year-old Victoria and 12-year-old Skylar – were found in the wreckage of the single engine Cessna 210 plane, according to Daily Mail.

The plane was spotted on the Mogollon Rim north of Payson. The bodies of the Falbe family were found in the debris of the crash.

The Falbes were heading to Telluride coming from Scottsdale, Arizona for their annual family vacation. They went to the Colorado ski resort on a yearly basis over the holidays, according to the family's relatives.

On Monday night, the plane was first reported missing.

When the search began, the police tracked the family's cell phone signal. The law enforcement officials discovered a signal near Payson, and proceeded to send out a team to look for the aircraft.

In order to get to the crash site, the rescue team had to hike for almost an hour through dangerous terrain.

"The terrain up there is just really super rugged," Giles County Sheriff Adam Shepherd said. "It's pretty rough, steep, straight up and down."

The police confirmed that the plane's tail number matched Federal Aviation Administration records. They were also able to verify Mr. Falbe was the owner of the Cessna airplane.

The cause of the crash has not yet been identified, according to Sheriff Adam Shepherd.

Eric's daughters, Victoria and Skylar, attended Cicero Preparatory Academy in Scottsdale. The school released this statement following the family's deaths:

"Our sincerest condolences go out to the Falbe family for their tragic loss. Grief counselors will be available when school returns Monday."

Eric Falbe was a lawyer whose specialty was in real estate mediation.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Eric, Carrie, Victoria, and Skylar family.


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