Emma Stone Relives Terrifying Lift Scene From 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

While it might look like working with Ryan Gosling would be a dream, turns out, Emma Stone had quite the bad experience working with the La La Land actor. The two have done a couple of films together in their careers, but it was on the set of Crazy, Stupid, Love that things got a little weird.

An iconic scene from the 2011 film was when Gosling's character lifts Stone's character up off her feet, very much like the life seen in Dirty Dancing. The idea is that Gosling's character can, and does, literally sweep women off their feet.

While that move might work in both movie and real life for someone like Gosling or his character, turns out Stone wasn't having any of it. During an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Stone shares a story about how she once fell about six-feet and broke her arms, and how it strangely affected her during filming.

"When we do Crazy, Stupid, Love, I know that we're gonna do the Dirty Dancing life," Stone explained. "I don't know, however, that I have an internalized phobia of being lied over someone's head at the height of about 6 feet."

She turned to her co-star, Gosling tried to explain how she reacted as he lifted her above his head.

"I never had this happen, but I imagine if a possum fell our of a tree and tried to scratch your eyes out, it would be something similar," Gosling described

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"It was a lot," Stone added. "And then it was a meltdown. I mean, I had a real meltdown… I had to go lie down."

Stone didn't just have to go lie down, though. She had to go lie down and watch Labyrinth, which, of course, Gosling poked fun at her for. Stone ended her story saying that she was relieved that the directors opted for a body double for that particular scene.

Let's just be glad Gosling decided he still wanted to dance with her after that meltdown.


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