Daniel Baldwin Scorches Hillary Clinton: 'You Lost, Bye Bye'

Daniel Baldwin is extremely opinionated about President-elect Donald Trump's victory, and about Hillary Clinton supporting the election recount.

While his brother Alec supported the Democratic nominee, Daniel supported the billionaire real estate mogul for the presidency.

Reporters from TMZ caught up with the 56-year-old actor at LAX on Tuesday. The Hawaii Five-0 star believes that the American people have spoken and that Hillary should not run for President again in the future.

Daniel first equated people protesting Donald Trump's victory with the people protesting the war.

"If you don't like the outcome, change the system," Baldwin said. "[Trump] won, so this is the same thing I said to people that didn't believe in the war that was going on, I said 'You're going to punk these kids that are over there fighting the war now?' You can't do that, they're over there fighting the war. These are kids supporting our country.

Baldwin then challenged the people protesting to make their voices heard in the polls rather than through violent protest of war and the election.

"If you don't like the reasons that we're over there for the war, or you don't believe we should be in the war; then fight the system and fight the government and tell them we don't want to be in the war anymore," said Baldwin. "But you don't do that to the kids."

Daniel Baldwin clearly is not a fan of doing away with the Electoral College in favor of using the popular vote to elect the President.

"Same thing in this case, this guy won," Baldwin said about Donald Trump. "This is the system you have, the electoral college. Checks and balances that were set up that you could possibly lose the popular vote, but still carry the day electoral college-wise, and supposedly that's what he did. Now they're going to find, did he right this, did he rig that? You know what, suck it up. Pull up your big boy panties now, because you lost."

He then turned his attention towards Hillary Clinton.

"Well this is what we learned about her," Baldwin said. "What we learned about her was, she couldn't beat an African-American man even in the South. They didn't want her as President, and Obama beat her. And now, a business guy who has no background that people are rioting in the streets, she couldn't beat him either. So obviously America does not want her to be president, a majority of the people with the system we have now. So, she's going to go lick her wounds, write a book, and tour around and make millions of millions of dollars speaking for her foundation and do her thing. Bye bye."

Check out the full video of Daniel Baldwin here.

How do you feel about what Daniel Baldwin said regarding Hillary Clinton?


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