Astronaut Yells 'Earth Must Be Warned' Before Going Into Coma

An utterly shocking video has resurfaced on the Internet claiming that a female astronaut from France was found screaming "Earth must be warned!" before attempting suicide.

59-year-old Claudie Haigneré allegedly made the ominous warning only moments before falling into a coma from an overdose of sleeping pills, according to the New York Post.

Claudie was the first female astronaut in France. With her husband Jean-Pierre Haigneré by her side, Claudie was a backup crewmember for the 1993 Mir Altair mission. Three years later, she made it to the Mir space station as part of the Russian-French Cassiopée mission.

She was the first woman from Europe to visit the International Space Station in 2001.

After retiring from her work in space, Claudie went on to try her hand at politics. In 2005, she left her post as the minister delegate for European affairs.

Claudie's story takes a strange turn after she went to work at a biology lab at the Pasteur Institute. In December of 2008, several reports indicated that Claudie was rushed to the hospital after apparently taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

When the medics arrived, it was reported that Claudie had to be restrained while screaming "Earth must be warned!" before falling into a coma.

While Claudie went on to blame the bizarre incident on "burnout syndrome," many alien conspiracy theorists believe that she was attempting to warn Earth's inhabitants about extraterrestrial life.

A six-minute video has been reposted on YouTube in which alien enthusiasts examine her story. The clip is narrated by a robot voice, and the video blends truth with fiction. Claudie did in fact attempt suicide almost 8 years ago, but many of the other claims made in the video have not been substantiated.

"She had to be forcefully restrained after screaming 'Earth must be warned!'" the robot narrator in the video said. "More ominously, her laboratory where she worked at the forefront of human/alien DNA research was destroyed by fire."

Many of the quotes in the video came from real reports by the news agency AFP, but most of them are taken out of context.

The video resurfaced online only a month after UFO expert and conspiracy theorist Max Spiers was found dead. The details surrounding Spiers' death were quite disturbing. He reportedly vomited black liquid prior to passing away on his friend's couch.

Check out the video above to hear more from the Claudie Haigneré story.


What are your thoughts about this latest alien conspiracy theory?

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