Arrest Made In Deadliest Catch Star Beating

Two people have been arrested and booked into Spokane County jail in connection to beating up a star from The Deadliest Catch and leaving him for dead.

According to KHHQ6, Jake Harris was severely beaten and left for dead on the side of the road after an altercation. The cause of the altercation is still unknown at this point. Officers say there was some kind of an assault, but said Jake Harris did not want to go to the hospital. An officer drove him home, but later Jake Harris realized he had to go to the hospital where he is now in the ICU with a skull fracture.

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Josh Harris, Jake's brother, posted a series of Facebook live videos about the situation, that have since gone viral. In the video he names two people from the Spokane area who may have been involved in the aggressive beating.

Here is the second Facebook video Josh posted about the matter:


A few days after Josh's first video was posted, Spokane police confirmed on Tuesday that Jorel Fultz and Amanda Ritter were booked into jail on first degree robbery and assault charges. They were taken into custody by the Spokane Targeted Crimes Unit.