Apple's 'Smart Glasses' Could Change Our World Forever

Augmented reality is slowly becoming the technology of the future. Between Pokémon Go and Snapchat filters, AR is already making an impact on everyday life. So, it only makes sense that Apple is looking into making a type of AR device that users would use all the time.

Though Google's version of an AR device, Google Glass, was a major flop, Apple seems to be going in a similar direction. According to Bloomberg News, the makers of the iPhone are working on a wearable device that would overlay a screen across the user's field of vision – much like a pair of glasses.

(Photo: Kareldonk)

Though it's unclear when or if a product will be available for purchase, the earliest it could appear on the market would be in 2018. What's more, Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't actually admitted that they are working on such an AR product. However, Apple has been hiring a number of AR specialists over the last year.

Many of Apple's competitors, such as Samsung, Google, and even Facebook, have invested their time and money into virtual reality, as opposed to augmented reality devices. Google created the Daydream platform, Facebook created the Oculus VR, and Samsung has created a number of headsets. With the death of Google Glass, it looked as though the future would be in virtual reality. But, could Apple change that?

"There are some really hard technology challenges there, but it will happen in a big way, and we will wonder when it does, how we ever lived without it," Cook recently said on the topic of AR.


If Apple created their own version of Google Glass, would you use it?

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