You Can Actually Train Yourself to Crave Healthy Foods

Life would be easier if our appetites would crave veggies instead of potato chips and cookies! Turns out there is a way you can transform your tastebuds from wanting junk food to wanting healthy food. What's the magic secret, you ask? We have six ways to help avoid those sugar-filled cravings and start making some healthy changes to your diet!

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Cut down the junk. Taking baby steps away from sugary, unhealthy foods is key to eliminating any unwanted cravings. According to an article in Women's Health Magazine, even the smallest changes can help, such as adding one pack of sugar to your coffee instead of three. Within about a month, you'll begin to notice that eating only tiny amounts of your favorite sugary snack will live up to your satisfaction.

Try foods you stay away from. Remember when your mom made you try Brussels sprouts when you were young and it traumatized you forever? Well, consider trying those foods again because it is likely that your taste buds have changed since childhood.

Mix and match. Have you ever tried hard to love a fruit or vegetable, but your tastebuds just aren't having it? Try mixing it with something you do like, such as a type of sauce or seasoning. By adjusting the flavor with toppings, this will make it a little easier to eat healthy vegetables that you aren't the biggest fan of.


Avoid your sense of smell. Don't let a bad smell of Brussels sprouts or broccoli scare you away from eating them. Next time try boiling or steaming your vegetables to remove any poor odors. Your nose is just tricking you into not eating something that happens to be very good for your body!

Cook attractive meals. Taste the rainbow by cooking colorful and lavishing meals. A "pretty plate" can put you in the mood for eating healthy veggies and fruits. Click here for some examples of what kind of colorful foods you should try!

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Play a mellow track. Loud music can have an effect on your cravings. Sounds strange, right? According to an article in Women's Health Magazine, although experts are not sure why, the soundtrack to your meals can influence the taste on your tongue. Experts say loud music tends to make food less flavorful, while peaceful music seems to enhance flavors. So, next time you're eating dinner play a little Beethoven; classical music can never hurt the taste buds or the brain!

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