What Exactly Is a Sugar-Free Diet?

sugar free

It sounds obvious to a point – no cake, candy, soft drinks, milkshakes and so forth. But after a while it begins to get confusing. This month, Skinny Mom is challenging you to gradually eliminate refined sugars, meaning sugar that does not naturally occur in foods. Check out the May Challenge here.

To sweeten other foods and drinks, there is a process that takes the granules from sugar cane and sugar beets and grinds them into an edible form. Refined sugars are everywhere: sauces, artificially sweetened drinks, breads, pasta, cereal, jams, canned fruit in syrup and so forth. To practice a sugar-free diet, you need to avoid all foods and drinks with refined or added sugars. You'll be eating fruits, vegetables, meats, most nuts and food that is low on the glycemic index. Your body will quickly break down any refined sugars, spiking your blood sugar level and insulin production. Being on a sugar-free diet will allow your body to maintain a steady blood sugar level, which will decrease fat storage and improve your overall well being. But look, you can still have sugar-free coconut vanilla ice cream!


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