This Couple Had a Baby Boy on Labor Day for the Third Year in a Row

labor day
(Photo: TODAY)

Lauren and Seth Stevenson have welcomed a son to their family every year on September 1st since 2014.

That's right, the couple has three boys, Axel Lee 2, Tommie Lee, 1, and now Henry Lee, all born on September 1st, TODAY reports.

“We were all just full of excitement that our healthy baby arrived on the 1st,” Lauren says happily. “We didn't plan this at all. How we got that lucky, we just don't know.”

With three babies 2 and younger, the Stevenson's certainly have their hands full,

“I enjoy it, it's fun,” she says about how she handles the chaos. “The house is always busy, and there are toys everywhere.” While biggest brother Axel loves helping care for baby Henry, "our middle child Tommie doesn't quite know what to think of Henry yet, but we're all trying to take care of him and have fun with him and enjoy it.”

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(Photo: TODAY)

Staying with tradition, the couple also had the same doctor deliver all three of their little fellows. Dr. William Lowe said, “The situation of babies being born one year apart for three consecutive years is that generally people do not get pregnant that quickly in order to be at due date by the next year."

The couple met at work, “We dated for three months, we were engaged for three days, and now we have three kids born three years in row, I guess three is a magic number for us.”


New Year's Eve also seems to hold a lot of magic for the couple as it's the day of conception for all three of their boys,

“Yes!” Lauren says laughing. “New Year's Eve is always a fun evening ... you know, you go out ... have a few drinks, and then one thing leads to another ... and here we are with three kids!”