This Amazing New App Is Basically Tinder For New Moms Who Want to Make Friends

How it worksJust like all the popular dating apps, Peanut employs a swiping feature to get the [...]

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While moms run on snuggles and baby smiles, sometimes they need a little 'adult' time with other mamas to stay sane!

Having a baby turns your whole world upside down in both amazing and difficult ways, and this change leaves many new mothers feeling lonely. When your happy hours and lunch dates are replaced with diaper changes and breastfeeding sessions, it can start to feel a little isolating.

But a new app is promising to change that. Peanut, available in the Apple App Store, is helping to connect moms with similar women who live nearby and are looking to form new friendships. Its tagline encourages users to "meet as mamas, connect as women" and it's catching the attention of those thirsting for meaningful relationships with like-minded mamas.

Yes, Peanut is basically the Tinder of mom gal pals, and that's totally okay with us.

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How the idea was born
Peanut co-founder Michelle Kennedy comes from a dating app background as a force behind the creation of Bumble, so the app's premise makes sense. Other co-founder Greg Orlowski has a background in startup companies as co-founder and former CTO of Deliveroo, a food delivery service. The pair used their combined experience to come up with this idea for connecting new moms and now the company has offices in Chicago, New York and London.

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How it works
Just like all the popular dating apps, Peanut employs a swiping feature to get the ball rolling on new friendships. If you swipe up, you're giving another mom a wave; if you swipe down, you skip their profile.

The main difference between Peanut and other dating apps is that the connections are based on shared interests, not looks. Qualities and characteristics like hobbies, languages spoken, whether they work full time or part time, your thoughts on wine!, etc., are the kinds of checklists the app uses to match potential new friends.

Even better, Peanut also lists the ages of the moms' children to help with setting up successful playdates.

So, should you try it?
Critics of the app say this interest-based matching keeps friendships contained in socioeconomic bubbles with zero diversity, and that having friends who are actually very different than you can be beneficial and challenging.

However, Kennedy insists the app is healthiest for new moms who are desperately seeking to connect with people like them. She stresses that hanging out and connecting with women who are like-minded and share the same morals and values is not only enjoyable for new moms, but it is a necessity for their well-being.

On Peanut, you can create group chats for suggesting activities or poll other moms for a preferred meeting place or time. With the app, it's easier than ever to spark a friendship: when two moms match, you can get to know each other instantly via chat.


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