Skinny Meatball Mania: 10 Healthy + Hearty Recipes

The Meatball Madness (meatballs moving off the appetizer list and sprinting their way to dinner time staple status) rage makes sense. These hearty heaps of scrumptious-ness can be served alone or as a main course topped on whole grain pasta, brown rice, or grain bread for a meaty meal solution. With the variety of preparation styles at your fingertips, you are sure to jump on the meatball bandwagon.

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs: Stick a skewer in them and call it a day. Or top your salad with these chicken meatballs and a sprinkle of blue cheese and satisfy a buffalo wing craving with a satisfying skinny save.

buffalo chicken meatballsMake Ahead Meatballs:

Want the taste of Thanksgiving dinner with virtually no time or planning? Who doesn't?! Be sure to have these meatballs prepared and stashed when the craving calls. A perfect component to virtually any meal, these can play the role of side dish or sit center plate.

make ahead meatballsTurkey Meatballs:

For a traditional meatball taste with a leaner meat, try a turkey meatball. To scrumptiously slenderize the traditional spaghetti and meatball plate, prepare them with the spaghetti squash shared in this yummy meatball make.

spaghetti squash and turkey meatballsSkinny Chicken Parm Meatballs:

There's nothing better than taking a splurge meal and packing it into a skinny serving of flavor that leaves you feeling full and accomplished knowing the calories saved from avoiding face-planting yourself into a plate of traditional high calorie and fat laden chicken parmesan.

skinny chicken parm meatballsHealthy Meatball Sub:

Serve this up for dinner and the fact that it's lower in calories and fat is likely to never be noticed. What will be noticed is the mouth-watering taste and flavor of a ballpark favorite served up with a guilt-free conscious.

healthy meatball subCrockpot Mini Turkey Quinoa Meatballs:

If you need to feed the family a filling meal but don't have time for evening preparation, this slow cooker meatball recipe is a no brainer. Packed with filling quinoa and an array of aromatic spices, this dish is destined to fill your house with a savory scent and your family's belly with a filling dish.

quinoa turkey mini meatballs30-Minute Clean Thai Turkey Zuchinni Meatballs:

Did we have you at 30 minutes? The name of this recipe says it all. Thai flavor with clean ingredients in less than an hour! Healthy made quick and easy.

healthy thai meatballsSkinny Slow Cooker Kale and Meatball Soup:

An easy way to make a one-dish meal in a matter of minutes. The meatballs are the star of this soup, but there is no lack of a great supporting cast. Packed with the superfood kale and hearty beans, this is a filling soup perfect for dinner, leaving you with delicious leftovers for the next day.

skinny kale and meatball soupChicken and Ricotta Meatballs:

Brought to you by none other than Martha Stewart, this spin on meatballs offers a simple recipe that can be prepared in less than an hour. The broth base for this recipe allows it to be served as a soup, or a side. You can't go wrong either way!

healthy chicken and ricotta soupHealthy Honey Garlic Meatballs:0comments

If you're looking for a gluten-free meatball option, look no further. With a sweet and savory combo, these meatballs have an array of flavorful ingredients from curry to garlic to make this mouth-watering meatball a must. (photo credit)

honey garlic meatballs

Do you have a skinny flavor that we missed? Be sure to share it in the comments below!