WATCH: Pregnant Woman in Beijing Delays Train After She Is Not Offered a Seat

On trains in Beijing China, it is considered common courtesy to offer a seat to those who are elderly, disabled or pregnant women. It is not considered common courtesy to delay a train because you were not offered a seat. One woman in Beijing was certainly not being a courteous rider.

On Line 10, one of the most crowded of all subway lines in Beijing, a pregnant woman entered the train, according to Daily Mail. When no one offered her a seat, she proceeded to complain. Eventually her complaining turned to anger, which then turned into protest.

The woman sat on the floor of the train between the doors, keeping them from shutting, and keeping the train from moving. As she sat, she kept shouting, “I won’t get off.”

In the video above, four people try to talk to the woman and convince her to move from the doorway, but she refused to move. Eventually even fellow passengers started to yell at the woman, explaining that they just want the train to start moving so they can get home. According to witnesses, the woman was eventually picked up and removed from the train.


The cellphone video of the woman was uploaded to the Chinese social media site Weibo, and eventually to YouTube. Many viewers have commented saying that the woman is going about her protest in the wrong way, “but we cannot justify refusing to give her a seat.”

One commenter suggested that the woman be detained for her actions.