No More Frumpy Fridays. Try These Quick Fixes Instead!

Is your hair making you fat? How about your shoes? How about your pajamas? People put so much [...]

Is your hair making you fat? How about your shoes? How about your pajamas? People put so much stock into their weight that sometimes they overlook other things that can make them "feel" fat or frumpy or undesirable. Sometimes it is easier to tell yourself that when you lose that last 10, 20, 30 pounds you will dye your hair and ramp up your wardrobe, but maybe it works better the other way around. Maybe, just maybe, you can "fake it until you make it!" If you are actually killing it in the gym, then maybe living in sweats right now could be okay (there are cute workout clothes that don't cost a fortune!), but if you are coming up with every excuse to not go to the gym then maybe this is the "work out" plan for you.

"Look Good First, Lose Weight Later". This theory involves the same principle that requires you to take your hair out of a ponytail to try on sunglasses or stand on your tippy-toes when trying on jeans. Our bodies and our minds are complicated animals, and we most definitely equate looking good with feeling good. So, until you feel like you've hit your goal or are feeling your best, there are quick fixes to avoid the frumpy look and feel.

Try these mom-approved "skinny cures" for the following "feeling fat ailments":

Ailment: Walking around with frizzy, limp, or out-of-control hair.

Skinny Cure: Try Express Keratin Treatment without the formaldehyde. Your hair will look great, you'll feel happy and confident and put together. Problem solved.


Ailment: Wearing an old, oversized t-shirt and sweatpants to bed.

Skinny Cure: Spend a few bucks and stock up on some cute pajama sets. It helps to feel good and look good even when going to bed. Sometimes, there is just no excuse for frump. This is one of them.


Ailment: Sporting foot, but not fashion-friendly footwear to happy hour, work functions, the mall, etc.

Skinny Cure: A nice, professional and chic pump or flat will go a long way with your overall look. And, no, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to makeover your shoe game.


Ailment: Wearing an ill-fitting bra, anywhere, anytime.

Skinny Cure: If you've never had a bra sizing, it can't be stressed how important it is to get one on your calendar immediately. Your clothes will look and fit better, you'll be more comfortable and it will honestly probably look like you dropped 10 pounds. Seriously, get one in the near future!


Living in your favorite yoga pants from 1999. You know, the ones with the hole in the seam, an old bleach stain, and a new ketchup stain.

Skinny Cure: First of all, yoga pants shouldn't always be your go-to look. It is not a momiform. However, I know there are days when they just have to do, and honestly, they can look super cute. Just do yourself a favor and get a pair that fits you well, hug you in all the right places and don't become see through when you bend over.


Ailment: Waiting an extra month before you get your Groucho Marx eyebrows waxed, plucked or threaded.

Skinny Cure: You know how much better you feel after every eyebrow maintenance, so why wait months between treatments? Just stick to it. It's so easy and doesn't have to be a big production in terms of time and money. A good pair of tweezers or at-home wax kit will go a long way!


Ailment: Continuing to wear the panties that you wore while you were pregnant...extra soft and extra large.

Skinny Cure: Come on, ladies, you deserve to wear a comfortable pair of panties that fit. It's the least you can do for yourself. (photo credit)

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 3.17.25 PM

Ailment: Working out in your husband's high school wrestling shirt and faded or stained sweat pants.

Skinny Cure: You just deserve better than that! Fitness clothes don't have to break the bank. Check out cute, comfortable and functional styles here!


Ailment: Staying up late and not drinking enough water has left you with under-eye bags and dull skin.

Skinny Cure: Here is the best kept secret in the looking-good game...Get more sleep and drink more water.