How Well Do You Know Your Lady Parts? New Poll Says Not Very

Question: How many parts comprise the vagina?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

If you answered C, you're... wrong, but not alone. The vagina has only one main part, but according to a poll from Epi24 that surveyed 300 women, 61 percent of respondents thought that the vagina has three parts.

Other common misconceptions about the vagina?

  • 47 percent of participants had no clue that orgasms can ease PMS cramps.
  • 30 percent think orgasms can improve fertility (they can't).
  • 72 percent of women didn't realize that you should see your gyno to treat an ingrown hair (they can get infected, people!).
  • 75 percent were in the dark about pink balls (the female version of blue balls).
vagina facts infographic
(Photo: Graphic via Women's Health)

Were you surprised by any of these facts?

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