Doctors Release New Guidelines for How Much Juice Children Should Consume

AAP publishes several new recommendations for parents, including updated stance on fruit juice. [...]

While fruit juice often seems like the easiest way to get children to consume the nutritious foods, parents might have to rethink the strategy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines on how much juice children should drink and at what age the sweet drink should be introduced.

Under the new guidelines, doctors suggest children under the age of one-year-old should not be given juice. At the age of six-months, parents can introduce fruit in its natural form, but not in juice form.

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Early or over-consumption of juice can lead to obesity, tooth decay, or energy imbalances due to the amount of sugar in the beverages. When giving juice, caregivers should avoid sippy cups which encourage kids to drink throughout the day, exacerbating the issues.

Toddlers age 1-3, should be given only four ounces per day.

Instead of reaching for the juice, offer milk or water.

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