Are Body Shaping Garments Bad for Your Health?

Body Shaper

Many women have parts of their body that they would rather keep under lock and key than expose, wearing body shaping garments to keep everything tight beneath their clothing. Body shaping garments are great for achieving that hourglass figure, but wearing them every day can lead to long-term health complications. Read on to discover how you could be harming yourself through your Spanx.

Nerve and internal organ damage: Body shaping garments are so tight that they can apply direct pressure onto a nerve or squeeze internal organs like your intestines, colon and stomach. Gastrointestinal problems can even be a result of too tight shapewear. It obstructs blood from flowing from the pelvic area to your heart, lungs and even brain. (via Express)

Muscle breakdown: Because the garments are so tight, they actually can make body parts look flabbier by boosting muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy occurs when a muscle loses its strength and tone due to reduced use of that muscle. The body shapewear locks your skin in so tight that the garment itself actually picks up the slack that your muscles cannot, which leads us to our next point: muscle weakness. (via NinaCheriePHD)

Muscle weakness: Wearing a body shaping garment for eight hours a day every day causes the muscles it comes into contact with to become lengthened and weak, which can be a cause or effect of muscle atrophy. The weakening of muscles can lead to faulty movement and posture, pain in your hip, groin or lower back, and limited mobility. Limited mobility results in a shortened walking stride. These effects are not experienced while you are wearing the shapewear, but rather, after you take it off. (via NinaCheriePHD)

Complacent behaviors: Shapewear supports complacent behaviors because it counteracts with your efforts to lose weight with healthy eating and exercise. Contrary to popular belief, body shaping garments won't allow you to sweat out toxins. Instead, you must eat healthy and exercise to rid yourself of toxins. (via NinaCheriePHD)


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Longterm damage from body shaping garments comes after wearing them for long hours a day, every day. Otherwise, shapewear can come in very handy during special occasions. As always, the healthiest way to slim down is to lose weight by eating right and exercising.