9 Grocery Grabs For the Big Game

On football Sunday, the eats at your tailgate or watch party should be just as exciting as the game itself! Whether you're hosting the event or attending a friend's party, having tasty (and healthy) appetizers doesn't have to take up your entire afternoon. If you're in a hurry, grab these smart snacks from your local grocery store and get ready to cheer on your team with confidence!

1. Quaker® Popped Caramel Corn: This sweet snack is made with popped whole grain brown rice, making it a healthier option than kettle corn or candies. Each serving is only 110 calories — a true game winner. Click here to check it out!

quaker snacks
(Photo: Quaker)

2. Sabra® Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Pick up a family-sized tub with some baby carrots, celery or pita chips for a savory snack all fans will enjoy. Each serving is only 70 calories, making it a healthy dip! Learn more about it here.

sabra hummus
(Photo: Walmart)

3. Wholly Guacamole® Guacamole & Spicy Pico Dip: Crank up the heat and bring this spicy dip to your Big Game party! It's made with quality avocado, tomato, onion, pepper and cilantro, and each tasty serving is only 25 calories! Check it out here.

wholly guac
(Photo: Wholly Guacamole)

4. Nancy's® Petite Quiche: These tasty, perfectly portioned bites are available in bulk so you'll never run out, even at the most crowded tailgates! Try swiss cheese and bacon flavor or broccoli cheese; both are equally delicious. Click here for the nutrition!

Nancy's quiche
(Photo: Nancy's)

5. Newman’s Own® Black Bean and Corn Salsa: This flavorful salsa is perfect for your football parties and pairs well with chips or veggies. Each serving is only 20 calories so you can even go for seconds! See other tasty flavors here.

Newman's own salsa
(Photo: Newman's Own)

6. Garden of Eatin' Blue Corn Tortilla Chips - Unsalted: These blue corn chips will not only add color to a game day spread, they'll add a nutritional kick! And this no-salt version sacrifices no flavor, plus each serving is only 140 calories. Check it out here!

Garden of Eatin' chips
(Photo: Amazon)

7. Brad's Raw Crunchy Kale - Nacho: Show your friends how cool health food can truly be by serving this cheesy flavored kale. It's vegan, full of nutrients and, most importantly, the crunchy texture makes you feel like you're eating potato chips! See it here.

Brad's kale chips
(Photo: Brad's Raw Chips)

8. The Good Bean Smoky Chili and Lime Roasted Chickpeas: Replace peanuts with these flavorful crunchy bites. Each serving is 120 calories and packs 5 grams of both fiber and protein to help you power through the game! See all the flavors here.

the good bean roasted chickpeas
(Photo: The Good Bean)


9. Light beer: If you want to bring the fun to the party, check out these smarter beer options! You don't want to drink all your calories, so choose (and drink) responsibly.

Beer Infographic

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