8th Grade Teacher Has Baby at School While Teaching

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(Photo: Twitter/@ABC36News)

A Jessamine County teacher had a pleasant surprise in her 8th grade classroom when she unexpectedly went into labor, WKYT reports. Ms. Allison Zemba's last day was supposed to be just 24 hours away for maternity leave because her due date was December 30th.

She was experiencing strong contractions and wanted to stay in school to watch over the student's science class, until the contractions got too strong.

According to police and local news stations, she went to the bathroom and delivered a baby girl. Luckily, the school nurse and her husband were there to help deliver the baby. Mom and baby were taken to a nearby hospital in Kentucky to make sure the two were safe.

The school is planning on having a celebration for the teacher once she returns back to the classroom in the new year.


Congrats to the happy healthy mom and her baby!