7 Weight Loss Tips That Have Nothing to Do With Dieting

Don’t get us wrong… If you want to live healthy, cutting out processed foods and cleaning up [...]

Don't get us wrong… If you want to live healthy, cutting out processed foods and cleaning up your diet is a must. But if you're looking for a starting place for weight loss or need a few healthy habits to boost your morale, try incorporating these simple tips into your daily routine! You may shed those first few pounds before ever altering your diet.

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1. Redecorate your kitchen. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and add a few new accessories to your kitchen! Make this space a place you actually want to spend time by adding a candle or two or hanging some decorative dishes. If you don't want to spend any extra dollars, display your fresh fruit on the countertop! You'll be more likely to grab a banana instead of a cookie if it's in plain sight.

2. Chew your food longer. No, you don't have to count your bites forever, but give it a try during a few meals! Aim to chew each bite completely (some experts say 40 times is the magic number) before putting another bite on your fork. This allows you to slow down and connect with your body's hunger cues rather than inhaling your meal.

3. Track your food and fitness. The best way to realize your worst habits is to write it all down. Using a tracking app or jotting down every meal and workout will help you become more aware of your routine and will help you plan for the coming days. And if you choose to make healthier choices, having documentation of what works will give you the instant results you crave!

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4. Stand up! Especially if you work a desk job, standing throughout the day could burn an extra couple of hundred calories each day. You'll also encourage healthy digestion, which can also help your food process through your body faster. Standing also distracts you from emptying the candy bowl because of boredom!

5. Get some sleep. If you're walking around like a zombie at work, you'll turn to sugary drinks and snacks to "boost your energy," though those unhealthy snacks will cause an even bigger crash. You'll also be tempted to skip your workout and a vicious cycle will ensue. Aim for eight hours for restful shuteye to prepare your body and mind for the busy day ahead.

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6. Sit at the table. Focus on eating by putting away your phone, turning off the TV and sitting down at the supper table! If you're distracted, you aren't in touch with what your body needs. Plus, your brain will associate the TV with hunger, leading to late-night cravings and mindless snacking!

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7. Portion any foods that come in bags. This has nothing to do with what you eat, but it does matter how you eat! Rather than eating out of a bag, pour a single serving of your snack of choice onto a plate. This cuts out the temptation to eat just because you're bored or because the chip bag seems to be as bottomless as Mary Poppins' handbag.

Once you implement these choices and notice how you feel, determine other small, simple swaps you'd like to make! You're well on your way to being healthier and losing weight.